Martin Methodist, University of Tennessee System Enter Into Discussions

Martin Methodist College and the University of Tennessee System signed a nonbinding letter of intent on Friday, the first step in a negotiation for the small, private college to become the fourth undergraduate campus in the UT System and the first since the establishment of the UT Chattanooga campus more than 50 years ago. The potential partnership between Martin Methodist College and the University of Tennessee System would not only provide long-term stability for Martin Methodist, but also create additional opportunities for southern Middle Tennessee families, who would have access to more graduate programs and more affordable tuition.

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Here’s What They’re Saying

When I first heard the news, I thought what a great opportunity to strengthen our position in Higher Education for our community and region. For Martin Methodist College to be recognized by the University of Tennessee and partner with us is awesome! It gives me a real sense of pride that the 20 years of hard work and perseverance spent at Martin Methodist College has given us this opportunity to continue our mission well into the future.
Jamie Hlubb
Martin Methodist College Director of Human Resources
As Martin Methodist College continues to seek opportunities to thrive in a season of deep change for Higher Education, the University of Tennessee System offers a way to move from strength to strength. Our deep desire is to see students from rural Tennessee find ways to flourish through the expanded platform of the University of Tennessee.
Bill Mc Allily
bishop of the Nashville Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church and Martin Methodist College trustee
I want to indicate that I am for this proposal and I realize for the good of the community this would be a positive step. It is difficult for me as a long time graduate to think the Martin that I know and love will not be the same. Our family being Methodist, we have always considered MMC to be an extension of our faith so therefore I am glad to hear the Wesley Foundation will be present on the campus. Thank you all for making this giant step for higher education in this area.
Morris Ed Harwell
Pulaski businessman and Martin Methodist College trustee emeritus